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// [--'CO.WRITER+CRACK.HEAD'; Pvt.Pancakes.--]
// [--'ILLUS.+ORIGINAL.CONCEPT'; Blank.--]

The chances of you finding this port was slim.
Even more slim if you think it's actually good.
Thank you for reading.
CONTRIBUTIONS{ Riley - Website input, #1 brainrot fan
Crash - Android mobile tester

dont tell anybody bout this ok...,,,,


[Q: Who's the webmaster?]{
// Yeah hi it'd be me Blank :) This's my website. If the webcomic isn't your taste, this website is probably allot nicer to look at. Which is impressive considering my coding skills... What to write here, uh... He/huh?, concrete drinker, The Smile fan, and way too verbose for my own good. That's REALLY all that needs to be known, haha.}

[Q: Are you planning on monetizing this?]{
// If I ever did anything I'd do a patreon, but other than that, no.}

[Q: Does anything here have any other related sites or background material to it?]{
// No, all the context for this project should pretty much all be here on Neocities, just hasn't been completed yet.}

[Q: Is there any set schedule?]{
// Nuh uh. I prefer not to stress on it. I work on batches on my own time and take long pauses if I feel like I need to. If you don't hear a buzz from this line, don't worry. I'm just a very, VERY quiet one.}

[Q: Are you SURE you aren't DEAD?]{

[Q: When was this project started?]{
// The genuine date of creation for the project was 8/23/2020. The site, however, kicked off just before the start of 2023.}

[Q: How big will the finished project be?]{
//The plaintext is around 361 pages with over 160,000 words, with 25 chapters give or take... So the finished project is gonna take a bit of time... I truly did fall into the common trap of working on something huge as my first project, but I'd be lying if it wasn't intentional; It's not a pretty or special project, but it's my own.}

[Q: Can something be made with anything specifically from N6?]{
// I wouldn't mind as long as you credit me or the site; I believe the right term for this is "fanwork". As a matter of fact, if you DO make anything, I would die for you to show it to me, no matter how small. Even an edit would utterly decimate me. I am SO easy.
I also don't mind if you took any assets or (addmitedly subpar) code from the site either; all I ask for is a little bit of credit!}

[Q: Can I take anything specifically from N6 and say it's my own?]{
// No.}

[Q: Is there any cookies to save my spot planned?]{
// I attempted to figure out how to add cookies to the Rarebit template... But insofar I've been unsuccessful. It might happen... One day... But I'll likely commission an actual coder for it by then.}

// [--'NUMBER.ONE.HATER'; My sibling.--]