[Author's note; NEVER forget to ctrl + f5.] - [peopleindoctrinatedbysage: 4] - [TIP;{Scroll. Please Scroll. Scroll. Scroll.}] - [TIP;{.██.███.████}] - [TIP;{It is not advised to cause cerebral aneurysms on purpose.}] - [TIP;{We may mend the chord. Getting shot does not help with mending the cord.}] - [ TIP;{Rest is not only for the wary. The onyx dog perches on the catafalque only when it has done it's duties.}] - [TIP;{The film is granular. Mesh entrance may cause ████████████████ ███ ███████ ███████ ██████████ █ █ ████████████ ████████ ██████ ████████ ███████ ████ ████ ████████████ ██████████ █ ███████████████████████ █████████████ ██████████████████ ██████████ ████████. Please. Be careful.}] - [TIP;{We will not say anything if the one of many probes a bone into the mesh. We will not like you though. If you do that.}]
// Added pages 89-98
// Added Streetcrawler
// Added pages 81-88

// Happy end of March. Here's some of those pages I'd mentioned last update! They've gotta be the most fun to plot out yet. I ended up traveling a ton this week, so I now have a plethora of pictures involving fuck-off nothing landscapes. My specialty! If you've got a good eye you'll be able to spot a few in the backgrounds of this update... Just don't strain your eyes like some psychonautic idiot. Whoever chose the color palette here needs to be fired.
// Added pages 79-80
// Added Triangle, Orphans, very normal Alberto Balsalm, Avril 14th
(Lemme just Aphex my Twin for a sec)

What the hell

It's been a special treat for myself as I get to have someone's site dropboxed directly to my doorstep to go look forward to whenever they follow. Thank you so much.
I've made sure to offer a quick blurb of each one as I look through them which I've placed with their buttons on Info.
Honestly it's much more fun thank just normally link-hopping across Neocities, because you'll never know who'll follow you.
Some of them don't have buttons so I resorted to putting their name up there instead.

Sorry for coming back with such a small load (ignoring my past journey into cookies lmao) after so long, I've got a few pages in the near future that I consider are quite 'experimental' ((because they where a PAIN in the ASS to plan)) which you'll hopefully soon see enough (((thank god)))! They've got to be my favorites to draw as of yet; No doubt because the headspace is SO DAMN easy to draw versus real life.
// Fixed multiple formatting issues on mobile across the main site, including plenty on desktop
// Tweaked and optimized multiple images
// Updated updateboard CSS
//OK I'll work on the comic now lol.
// COOKIES?!?!?
// Bookmark added; Access it with [SWITCH.MEMLOG] after sufficient reading (>the first page).
// Added popup on first entry

// FINALLY, something I will NEVER DEBUG and the three people who mentioned it asked for; You can now save your place!
Due to my particular flavor of incredible js ability, however, it's kind of got its own unique flavor of 'why is it built like that'.
It logs the url of the page you're on as you read, and through the most cruckshit ruckshod shidfug russian car mod of a script it will call your 'bookmark' into a seperate button. The little red [SWITCH.MEMLOG] switches the two buttons between each other, allowing you to choose whether you want to start reading on the first page or continue on the saved URL you departed from. If you don't have one already, though, Admin just gets really sad.
This'll be especially important later when the comic gets more and more erroniously long, and I'm glad to have figured it out once and for all. I can't think of this being a GREAT way for other users of the Rarebit template to install a cookie system, but so far to my knowledge I'm the only one that's made a bookmark system, so... Hey, to any Rarebit user out there looking at how to do so, it's definitely possible. It isn't pretty, but if you want to somehow rip out the substack-and-google-learnt JS of mine from here, you're free to do so.
Regardless, with how much I actually know about JS, I'm the goddamn giddiest man on the planet having this work at all. Let's hope there isn't TOO many glaring oversights, eh?
// Added page 78
// Added site buttons; Added to Info
// Let a couple cats into Info
// Really just completed Info
// Sorry, it's been slow going because I took a break after redoing the comic. If you're a little bored, however, here's a hot tip: go take a walk.
There's allot more fun things to look at in Info now, however, including a bunch of backlog one-off jokes, creatures, and an ease-of-access hotlink to the buttons. Now I don't like hotlinking as a practice, but I can definitely understand the benefits of it. I even made an alt button, though the dimentions are all wrong (off by ONE pixel!! Blasted machine)
// Added pages 73 - 77
// Rewrote and changed CH.1 and CH.2
// Added In All This Heavy Blue, 1, Interlude, GoGoCon
// First expanded page added to info (Wallpaper of pg.1)
// Oops I tripped and now the comic kind of got a massive renovation? Thank winter and an internet blowout for that.
Firstly, I entirely repainted about 11 or so pages, overpainted 20, and adjusted the dialogue on every single one of them, so hopefully this's an upgrade and not a downgrade! If you read the last updateboard installments then you could guess this's a long time coming.
Now I haven't gotten to dividing the larger pages into smaller files as to test the applicability of longer single file pages (mostly because I'm lazy and possibly a LITTLE burnt out redoing everything and don't wanna snap a bunch of images into thirds as well) so there may be loading issues until I actually sit down and break them up, but for now I think I've done enough sitting for a year.

Oh, and P.S.; HAPPY NEW YEAR. And happy 50,000 views and 15 followers?!!!!! I haven't thanked each of you individually, but I do wanna at least thank you for following.
P.S.S. to GS: I FINALLY made that wallpaper, I put it in Info. Merry christmas lol !
// Added pages 71
// Added pages 70
// Added Allt Är Skit
// Added pages 69
// Added actual "info" in info
// Attempts at android fixes
// Apologies for such a small update despite the hiatus, after ch.2 was finished I'd decided to block out the entire chapter first before illustrating. That's half done, but rest assured that it's gonna be a BIG one. Good news; You get to see Admin. Bad news; You get to see Admin.

I also might've added the cbox back in because, well... I missed it a lil' bit, ok. Just a little emotionally attatched to it, y'know. It's just a lil' guy. So now we have TWO boxes!! Yaay. Also, can you believe I've been working on this for over a year now? I can't. There's only two chapters, but it's been a bit of a cruckshit year anyways, so it is what it is.
I'm just glad I can still work on this. It's all coming together... slowly!
// Added pages 62-68

// Removed iframe layout (Might improve mobile loading times; You can save your spot for later by keeping the tab open now... Hopefully?)
// Renovated characters
// Added Lambent Rag
// Mobile ver. finally completed
// Actually added the Comment Widget by virtualobserver.moe this time
//Yes I did rewrite the entire site in two days. Was it unecessary? Maybe. Will it fix problems? I dunno. Am I healthy after that? NUH UH! Was it fun though? YUH UH.
You might've noticed that the cbox was locked... And that's because, as I thought about it, I decided that I adored the grassroots approach that Ayano's widget provided, and like; It's so cool. Who wouldn't want that widget it's so cool. so there we go Voilà.
Genosadness also made some wallpapers out of the assets of the site, which completely made my day. Great timing; I'm putting one of these fools up on my terminal.
I'll get to painting some scenes for a wallpaper format soon, especially considering how much art I have of this project just laying around... So maybe a library of artwork would be great. It could even give easy access to (god forbid) other peoples' art of the project. Perhaps I should get that gallery maker started up!
// Added pages 58 - 61
// Added touchups around the site
// New splashart (The Horrors.webp)
// Added Bonita Camisa
// Nice to see this again. Please excuse the unnanounced hiatus, I'm not one to announce much of anything... And this one took particularly long as I had treked far and wide along the West Coast to find anything involving cookies for this damn thing particularly for the ones who take little bites out of this thing instead of one clean chomp. I'd found a spirit of the sump that had nothing to give me but an ordain into muckhood. I sadly had to turn them down, but it still didn't solve any issue whatsoever.
Oh, and I should probably say I'd also gotten into a bit of a slump for a couple weeks, but that's hopefully over!
I think the most productive thing I did this update was finally install everything from the old site, so now I can think about really branching out the site... and I made things rotate.
You HEARD it, instances. Rotation.

Lastly, next year I'll hopefully do something special for it and not miss such such an all-favorite and all-encompassing holiday, but for now, all I can say is Happy Belated(tm) Halloween.
// Added pages 55 - 57
// Added pages 53 - 54
// MASSIVE mobile support update; Added unique splash, replaced characters with comms, and now Archive should now work.
// New audio; Midnat
// There's still a few things that are not functional in the mobile version such as character info and author's notes on each page, but... I cut my losses.
There was only so much time before I regrew my distain for mobile phone development. NOW you can look at this on a much tinier screen.
// pages 51 - 52 added
// New audio; Gaia, Electroneering
// Added """"info"""" w/ ""fanart"" corner
// We hit 30,000 views!! GODDAMN!!!!! THANKS MATES.
// pages 48 - 50 added
// Added music player
// Just added a music player because it was funny, and I wanna make at least half use of the sites' supporter tier. :)
Also might've lied with the last update, turned out page 50 was a doosy to illustrate and I didn't get as much done as I hoped... But now there WILL be a substantial update in the future.
// page 47 added
// Completed Desktop layout
// Connected art account
//Guess who learned @keyframes! I added some flair to the screens around the place, but please feel free to message me if any flickering's too much; I'd rather have it off than badly strain some eyes.
Currently Info still isn't completed yet, but I'm planning a little collection of info and art of sorts when the time comes. The next update, however, is gonna be QUITE a few pages...
// Phone support beta
//This's VERY rough around the edges, expect some things to break. However, I figure it's better than not having it available at all!
(Don't forget to clear your cache!)
// The new en six look, officially done within 3 days on an HTML binge.
Upside; Better looking site! Downside; No phone support for now and some pages aren't ported over. Lol, lmao.
// Added page 43-46
// Added two more videoports to huey
// Warning for outdated pages added to chapter one
// General touchups around the site

//Hello again.
It's been an especially dragged-out couple of months in the reality department, but I managed to make a few pages to hunker down into I in the meantime. Hope you enjoy!
The artwork will me much more solid moving forward; But as I now have some free time back, I'm thinking of having some fun with the site once again.
So, NOW I'm going to be planning to entirely revisit the site's pages, making it's design much more comprehensive than beforehand and possibly give it a break from rarebit's template. Their framework's REAL wonderful, but I'm feeling a lil' creative and hopefully I can really make the site's layout it even more funky than it is now.
I've also opened up a tumblr a bit ago which I'll be posting art to every once in awhile. They'll be a place to find it besides being tucked away in this word pit later, but for now you can find me here.
Regardless, I wish you another good couple of months.
// Added page 42
// Let a bird within threader information
// Constructed Huey in II
// Added a broken site counter (broken by incompetence)
//Well,,, Long time no see.
I wish everyone a VERY late april fools, late easter, late ramadan mubarak, late sameach pasach, AND late margaret thatcher death. Man, was I really dodling around THAT long? All those COULDN'T have happened on the same day...
You know what though! We got 17,000 views and counting. Thank you very much for peeking at this shoddy collage, and I hope it was definitely a notable Set of Pngs for a special some of you.
Apologies for the single page update, I haven't given up on it quite yet, but I just wanted to put something down so I could give II a a coat of rough paint;
Say hello to Huey, an old terminal interface I trudged out to replace the ragged basic portage view of yore. It's simplistic and limited, but I hope you love it as much as I loved putting it together!

Have a good week.
// Set up the mesh directory in II, only accessible on COMPUTER-sized screenage systems
// Added webcomicring, melonland, external link, not_found
// Updated Intro splash text
// Added pages 30-41
// Completed the intermission pages (Yes, I DID post 5 half-assed pages. Utterly blasphemous.)
// The eyes redirect you to your last page instead of throwing you head-over-heels into Index.
// Added phone warning, updated css, and hunted some roaming typos
// Other misc. Changes

// Manual's much more fleshed out
// Heavily improved Suplimental Directory [III] (contains 50% more wires!)
// Added Listeners
// Now that III's been adequately decorated, II is to be worked on next. If I've truly been observed out in the wild like this with the current state of things, it would be noted my current survival strategy in this thicket is to make my website look cool enough to compensate for the lukewarm comic it contains.
I'd love to add an art page, but that'll have to be stored in the gutter and fished out for later.
// Added pages 21-29
// Added cbox guestbook
// Testing out cbox on short notice to see if a guestbook would fit within the site well. Didn't test squat about it but feel free to scream into it very hard! I've got poor hearing.
Also fixed a few Firefox-related issues.
Just a heads up for the one fan of this project, the ceiling fan in my room that's got wifi access; Chapter 1's completion and the development on the site have had slow developments, but I did NOT abandon this.
Damn, that's crazy.
// Site posted.
// Pages 1-21, II, and III available with basic mobile phone support.
// More pages will be added once I complete them; Roughly 5 or so more before completion of Incarnadine's first part. More is to come after I get some scripting out and I've got time to actually draw. More is to come.
// Will be updated uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know the number you get when you devide by zero in a calculator? Yes, that.

// Added buttonboard + Urgle enshrined forever + ironed out kinks, About Author page now the Index
// Decided to tack on a few bells and wistles. Just, y'know, thank you for checking out this page, it's all more barebones than a parking lot facing desertification, but I'm personally enjoying doing wheelies in its sand dunes with a little ductape-HTML tyke car like a nitro-boosted Plastic BEAST. Hope y'all have been enjoying it! I know L hasn't
Also, due to some issues that don't translate well through neocities which my baby brain can't comprehend, the divs in the main page are momentarily broken in this update board. After floundering with them for hours to fix I'm putting it on hold for later. Please mind the gap.
//Site development """""speedrun""""" started.