- Somewhere, somehow... you find a small, diminutive pamphlet, not even a centemeter thick with content... An abysmal sight, you decide to look within.

However, you were not expecting the pages of this book to have... Scrolling functionality.

How peculiar.

HAH, how are you using such a small device?? DAMN!

Oh, I'm not making fun of you.
It's just not recommended here.
This port wasn't designed particularly for small viewage...
And mobile devices are untrustworthy, after all.


A simple story about going from point A to point B.

// Welcome to N6.

// This port is situated around a bundle of images which you are free to paruse on port (I),
// port (III) is an ample space to find which bundle of images you're looking for,
// and port (II) is for what these images focus on.
// It has no set schedule, but tends to expulge a mass of images all at once. Strange!
// It seems to be slowly changing, bit by bit, but isn't Everything else Always Everyway Everyday, Anyways?
▼▼▼ you may scroll down within this box. ▼▼▼
Yo mama

// Set up the mesh directory in II, only accessible on COMPUTER-sized screenage systems
// Added webcomicring, melonland, external link, not_found
// Updated Intro splash text

// Added pages 30-41

// Completed the intermission pages (Yes, I DID post 5 half-assed pages. Utterly blasphemous.)
// The eyes redirect you to your last page instead of throwing you head-over-heels into Index.
// Added phone warning, updated css, and hunted some roaming typos
// Other misc. Changes

← A real tiny table


// Manual's much more fleshed out
// Heavily improved Suplimental Directory [III] (contains 50% more wires!)
// Added Listeners

// Now that III's been adequately decorated, II is to be worked on next. If I've truly been observed out in the wild like this with the current state of things, it would be noted my current survival strategy in this thicket is to make my website look cool enough to compensate for the lukewarm comic it contains.
I'd love to add an art page, but that'll have to be stored in the gutter and fished out for later.
// Added pages 21-29


// Added cbox guestbook

// Testing out cbox on short notice to see if a guestbook would fit within the site well. Didn't test squat about it but feel free to scream into it very hard! I've got poor hearing.
Also fixed a few Firefox-related issues.
Just a heads up for the one fan of this project, the ceiling fan in my room that's got wifi access; Chapter 1's completion and the development on the site have had slow developments, but I did NOT abandon this.
Damn, that's crazy.

// Site posted.
// Pages 1-21, II, and III available with basic mobile phone support.

// More pages will be added once I complete them; Roughly 5 or so more before completion of Incarnadine's first part. More is to come after I get some scripting out and I've got time to actually draw. More is to come.
// Will be updated uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know the number you get when you devide by zero in a calculator? Yes, that.


// Added buttonboard + Urgle enshrined forever + ironed out kinks, About Author page now the Index

// Decided to tack on a few bells and wistles. Just, y'know, thank you for checking out this page, it's all more barebones than a parking lot facing desertification, but I'm personally enjoying doing wheelies in its sand dunes with a little ductape-HTML tyke car like a nitro-boosted Plastic BEAST. Hope y'all have been enjoying it! I know L hasn't
Also, due to some issues that don't translate well through neocities which my baby brain can't comprehend, the divs in the main page are momentarily broken in this update board. After floundering with them for hours to fix I'm putting it on hold for later. Please mind the gap.
//Site development """started""".

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